Guest Bill Of Rights

We are a franchisee of Burger King Restaurants and Diedrich Coffeehouses in the Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado area.
Our restaurants receive visits from thousands of guests every day.  Most guest experiences are handled extremely well and many of our employees take great pride in providing an excellent guest experience.  But over the years, we have learned that not every experience may be up to our standards.  There is always room to improve and we realize we can do better.

As part of our guest service initiative, we now have a Guest Bill of Rights that sets clear standards and expectations for our guests when visiting our restaurants.  Whether it's hot, fresh food, served in a timely and friendly manner or questions of employee behavior, our guests are entitled to Have It Your Way when speaking with any employee of Rob Kraft, Inc.

All guests of Rob Kraft, Inc. should expect:

1)  Hot, fresh food

2)  Fast, friendly service

3)  Employees that have a professional demeanor

4)  Sparkling clean facilities

5)  To be treated with respect- In an environment free from foul language or conversations of a questionable nature.

6)  Employees to value and honor the differences in all of us

7)  To be listened to

8)  To have any questions answered

9)  To have any concerns addressed

10)  To observe posted in each restaurant a guest complaint line for use if the guest is not satisfied with how their questions/concerns were addressed in the restaurant.